Tuesday, April 29, 2008

YOJ Week 17: Citrine earrings

These are earrings made with delicious looking Citrine briolettes, small Citrine and Carnelian beads, fine silver, and sterling silver wire.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Week 15: Hello all! Back from India :-)

I am back from my India trip...I was disappointed because I was so busy I had only one day to go gemstone shopping.

Anyway, here is my week 15 entry. Not on theme. This one is inspired from Lisa's jewelry. I love her work!

This pendant is made from a Turquoise briolette, and sterling silver wire, antiqued.

YOJ Week 14

I'm updating the blog after a long time. Was away in India...so the weeks of YOJ don't seem to be following any normal sequence.

This was another order to complete before going. This is a tiny quartz crystal, very special to a young man. His girlfriend is going away on a long trip, and he wants her to go with complete freedom, so that she is free to be herself, free to do whatever she wants with her life. He says he wants to set his love free, and if the love returns, it was his, or else...it never was. So he wanted me to create a pendant for her with this crystal that means a lot to him, and give it butterfly wings to symbolize his setting her free. She is looking for her Celtic roots, so he wanted Celtic symbols in the wings, and he wanted most of the wings to be empty space, because he wanted the crystal to be the focus. So that is what I did. I added the Celtic Triquetra on the tips of the wings. And the rest of it is mostly free. He was very specific about what he wanted...and thankfully he was more than happy with the result because according to him it "matched his vision and then some".

YOJ Week 16: Brazil Culture

Well...this is not really about Brazil "culture" as such. But when I was looking up Brazil, I read it is known for its blue blue oceans and powder white beaches. So I used that information to create this pendant. The blue Howlite cabochon represents the oceans, and the white pearls surrounding it stand for the white beaches. Of course, now it looks more like a pond than an ocean. LOL! But we'll leave it at that.

I have used Eni Oken's tutorials on netted bezel and border for netted bezel on this.