Friday, July 16, 2010

Pearls, Citrine and 14k gold-filled earrings

These earrings are for an order. Light peachy cream colored fresh water pearls and really bright and clear and sparkling onion cut Citrine briolettes woven on 14K gold-filled hand made wire earrings.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Message in a Bottle" necklace

This piece too has been inspired from Mary Tucker's work. The basket weaving here is a bit different. There were about 15 different pieces of thin copper wire going in all the directions of the oval, all together as I formed each coil and shaped the "bottle". I have pictures of work in progress because it looked interesting...but they are in my hubby's iPhone, and he and his iPhone are in India at the moment. When I get hold of those pictures, I will post those too.

I tried making a bottle...a bit like the small perfume bottles (this is a teeny bit more than an inch in height), but it looks like a jar more than a bottle. :-). However, tiny perfume bottles do look like jars. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL! This bottle carries a small scroll of paper, that has a message from a wonderful man for his beautiful beloved. He is away at the moment from her, and they both miss each other a lot. So I thought she could wear a message in his own handwriting near her heart while he was away. I will soon be giving this to her. And I hope she will like it. She usually wears pretty conservative jewelry, so I am hoping this won't be waaaaaay too weird for her. LOL! Anyhow, even if she doesn't wear it, she can keep it with her.

The piece is made with copper wire, and has tiny fresh water pearls on it. It has been LOS-ed to give it a rich antique look and depth. The clasp is hand made too.