Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prayer Box Pendant

This is a special pendant, made especially for me. :-) If you want something similar, let me know, and you and I can make one especially for you! :-).

This is made with sterling silver sheet. I have etched the inside of the box with a sacred Indian symbol called the "Sri Yantra". It is a symbol of manifestation, healings, and Divine blessings. The lid of the box has 7 petals sawed into it. I have hand made the prong basket, and set a 36 carat lemon yellow Topaz in it. Topaz is said to be a very powerful stone in aiding manifestation, healing, abundance and it is also said to bring much joy to the wearer. I have bezel set 7 small Lapis Lazuli cabochons around the Topaz.

The way I will use it is, I will write down my prayers for anyone in a small piece of paper, and will put it in inside my pendant. The length of the chain makes the pendant hang right at my heart. This way, anyone I pray for, will always be within the healing energies of the heart center.

The chain is a single viking knit, made in 24 gauge sterling silver wire.

Mallika's bracelet

A very special little girl said to me, she wanted a bracelet in pearls for her birthday. So I made this one especially for her her lovely delicate wrist. These are pink fresh water pearls, and the clasp is a silver Bali one.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I've had the honor of being tagged by dear of my jewelry making online friends who's work I really really love! :-) Now I need to tag 7 people who have blogs, and list 7 random things about myself. Like Nikki said, finding 7 people who haven't been tagged yet will be difficult, so I'm sure I'll tag people who have already been tagged. :-)))

7 Random things about me:

1. I wake up really really late.
2. I'm a hopeless romantic.
3. I'm crazy about angels.
4. I'm a dreamer, and most of the times I live in my dream world.
5. Swords and wings fascinate me.
6. I have developed pimples on my chin.
7. There are beautiful mountains in front of my house.

So now I have to find 7 people to tag...this will take a while :-).