Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First sale on Etsy!!!!!

Yayyyy!!! Dana bought 3 items from my Etsy shop today. My very first Etsy sale!!! So thrilled about it. It is also very nice because it was one of my closest buddies who bought the first item(s). Just feels good that a friend considers my stuff good enough for her to buy :-))). This is what she bought:

Emerald cut faceted Citrine prong set wire ring

My second trial at making prong set ring. Turning out to be tough. It didn't turn out right. I got really upset...sometimes it can be so frustrating...everything. This was made in gold-filled wire. I think I will stick to Brass wire for a while. I even broke a lovely Citrine last night in trying to make this ring :-(. Here are the pictures:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cabochon ring

So later in the evening I tried out a cabochon ring. I don't know what stone this is. Any ideas anyone? It looks and feels very peaceful. Even wearing this ring feels that way...peaceful calm vibration to it. The ring is made in Brass. I wish I had made it in gold so it wouldn't tarnish. I have no problems with wearing brass....except it tarnishes. Sigh! I don't think this will be on sale...I feel this ring is mine. :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here are 4 more wire and gemstone rings

This one below is made of genuine 4mm stones - Blue Topaz and Garnet, sculpted in gold filled wire. Size 7:

This is a genuine 8mm Pink Topaz, genuine fresh water pearls, and gold filled wire.

Genuine 8mm Mystic Topaz and gold filled wire:

Genuine 8mm twilight Topaz, gold filled wire:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wire rings

I have been learning how to make wire rings from Preston Reuthor's DVD's, and waiting for Ricky Jorgensen's DVD's too to learn ring making. I like the rings both these artists make.

So these are my first practice rings. They are made with Brass wire, and genuine stones (I need to get some fake stones for practice). I intended to cut these and remake them in gold. But I feel kind of emotionally attached to these because even though they are far from perfect, they are still my first rings...and the FIRST ever prong set ring I made! So I am thinking of keeping them as is...genuine stones or not. I will polish them to make them shine like gold and wear them! In fact I am wearing them all...unpolished as I write here. LOL!!!!!

This stone is a Twilight Topaz. It is goldenish, pinkish...a very different color:
This is a "Filigree Ring". It looks very nice when worn:

And this is my first ever prong set ring. The added twisted wire on top of the stone is not really needed to keep the stone intact. The prongs are doing a really good job with that. But I like twisted wire on the stone...I always have ever since I have seen them on prong set rings made by a very talented wire artist I saw at an Intergem show. So I put them there. The stone is a Green Topaz...yes I'm a Citrine and Topaz gal :-). Love these stones. The ring is a mistakes galore. But I still love it cuz its my first prong set ring...something I have been dying to do for a long time. Preston has done a great job with his ring tutorials. I think for a first-prong-set ring, its wonderful :-))))

Jade set

This is a Jade heart pendant, Yellow Turquoise beads and gold-filled wire necklace. I learnt this style of wrapping a heart from Judy of This is the second one I made in this style. I like it, but it hasn't yet turned out as lovely as hers does. But I am happy with it.The first one was the coral heart I did below.

I am also happy with how the chain links turned out. And I love the way they sound -- ching ching ching! LOL! Feels great to wear this set. I feel gooooood and quite divinely royal when I wear it!

And here are the matching earrings....again...feels great to wear them. The beads are Yellow Turquoise.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Red Spongy Coral Heart

I know this will not be a favorite for many because of many maybe because it is so busy? But as Natasha put it, "It is a nice kind of busy....sometimes busy looks nice". I like looks warm and friendly, and looks like it is smiling :-).

Another wire prong setting: Citrine

This is my 4th attempt at prong setting with wire:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Prong setting with wire

I've been dying to do these....prong setting with wire. Solderless...simply wire. And so today in two attempts I reached a somewhat reasonable piece. Its made with genuine Mystic Topaz and Brass wire. Thanks Metallique! :-) Great tutorials!!

New Wire Sculpted Pendants

These are some wire sculpted pendants I've made over the last few days...techniques learnt from Metallique and Preston Reuthor courses. All stones except one are genuine, and they are all set in 14K gold-filled wire.

This blue stone is Amazonite:

This is a Unakite:

I am not sure what stone this is...I think it is Jade. Any ideas?

This is Fluorite:

This is an Agate cameo...mum and baby:

This is actually an Amethyst colored man made stone (the only man-made stone in this section; the rest of the stones are genuine). But when I took a picture, the picture looks blue:

This is a Peridot:

This is a Pink Topaz:

There are 2 Citrines and a string of fresh water pearls:

Two Pink Topaz here, but the bigger one is not the finest quality...the edges are not pink. Maybe the heat treatment wasn't done well?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Natasha's latest blog

Natasha read Esther and Jerry Hick's books "Sara book I" and "Sara book II" and has been having success with The Law of Attraction. She will be writing about her experiences there. Her blog is at I am sure it will be an encouraging read for all.