Monday, June 21, 2010

Puffy Marquis Champagne Quartz, Tourmaline, 14k goldfilled, handmade, wire wrapped earrings

I fell in love with these gorgeous puffy marquis champagne quartz briolettes when I saw them at the Intergem gemshow. Bought myself the whole strand :-). And this is the first thing I have made with these brios. I have them listed at my Artfire store:

Opened my new Artfire Store!

Finally I have an online store again. I used to have an Etsy store, but I got tired of relisting. So I chose Artfire. No relisting because nothing ever expires. And listing is much simpler too. I hope this store does well :-)). Visit me there :-)).

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Angsty Artist's Copper Wire Locket

This Copper wire locket is made by following a wonderfully written tutorial by Mary Tucker of The Angsty Artist. She is an amazing wire artist, and makes the most mouth watering designs! I love visiting her blog to drool all over it. This is only my second copper piece I think. Her work made me fall in love with copper. I always work with silver and gold-filled metals. But her work made me go and buy lots of copper wire. LOL! There is a beautiful poetic depth, a richness about blackened and polished copper. This I realized only after studying Mary's work. So thank you Mary :-).

I did not make this locket a photo keeping one. Instead, I made it a locket to keep something very dear to me. It is a little blue heart that someone very very dear, very precious to me gave me. The story is very magical. It is out of this world. I will not write it here. It is beyond the belief systems of most...and it is very close to my heart. So the locket hangs on my heart, carrying this precious gift given to me.

I really enjoyed making this locket, and will be working more with this...varying it here and there. If you want to buy the original one made by Mary, go to her Etsy shop :-).