Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Grandmother's Pendant

This is a custom order too. It looks like I've used the Mabe Pearl as a canvas to paint on with sparkling stones and the royal gold. It also has a heart on top, and all birthstones of all the 6 grandkids are attached to the wires that come from the can say they are tied to grandma's heartstrings.

I will post many pictures here for now, in various backgrounds and positions, so the customer can see it before she buys it.

Kelsi's Gift - A Pre-eclampsia Foundation Benefit

My friend Melissa is doing an angel promotion in honor of her own angel who crossed over to the other side because of pre-eclampsia. She makes these BEAUTIFUL angel pendants with sterling silver and gold filled wire. I have one, and I bought one to gift to a friend. We both love our angel pendants! For this benefit, 50% of all angel sales from December 1 to January 1 will be donated to the Pre-eclampsia Foundation. The promotion is in honor of Kelsi Muir - Melissa's angel. These are so lovely, they can be used as pendants, as Christmas tree ornaments, as brooches, or as gifts to mothers with the birthstones of all her children in it. Do go take a look at her beautiful angels here at: and the click on "Angels" on the list below the annoucement on the main page.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pendant for Grandmother

Not for my grandmother :-). She is up in Heavens ;-). And she says hi to all of you :-D.

This is for my friend Melissa's mum....grandmum to Melissa's three daughters. The central piece is a Mabe pearl. Pearls in general are considered "Mother's stone". In this become Grandmother's "stone". And the smaller 3 stones are the CZ equivalents of Melissa's daughters' birthstones. The Blue Topaz is on top because that represents Melissa's daughter in Heaven...Melissa's own special angel. The lower two are the daughters on Earth...Amethyst and Ruby.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mystery blue stone, Sterling Silver pendant

This is a 1" circle diameter, hammered to create texture, 18 gauge round SS wire to frame it, 26 gauge fine silver bezel wire to set my blue mystery stone. I will be smoothing out the bezel more with a burnisher.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yayyy!! I can make solitaires now!!

Learnt it at Wenric's from Wendy. She's a wonderful lady...arranged for a special one on one class for me. She was happy with my skill level and said when I have more time (as in when baby is older), she'd like me to come and teach classes at her store because she is too busy to teach now. That should be awesome! We ended up making 2 rings because I made the one scheduled ring for the class very very fast. I think in 30 minutes. The class was for 3 hours. LOL! So I made one more ring and then I called Swami to come pick me up.

Then later that evening at the doc's the nurse was terribly impressed with my solitaires and wanted my business card so she could get something made by me....and of course, I didn't have a card! LOL!

Wire rings: Twilight Topaz and Blue Topaz

Picked up my soldering torch after a long time.

18 gauge round SS wire, 1/2" circles, all soldered and hammered. The shine is just lovely...can't capture it well on photos. I love this one.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Something a very good friend of mine emailed me today

Ramanan has been a wonderful friend to me, Swami and Natasha for a long time now. So when he bought a pendant from me yesterday for his DEAR wifey (who is one of the sweetest people I have met), I was floored. I was floored because someone so close to me, a friend who is like family thought my work was good enough to actually BUY for his wife! When I told him that, he wrote this to me which means a GREAT deal to me, so I will preserve it and cherish it always:


The pieces I saw were all exquisite and very well put together. Really impressed with your wire work (and from seeing only the pictures of the pieces on display). I read through most of your blog and the comments from people who bought from you. Another aspect that really drew me in was the short paragraph or two explaining the properties of the gem/stone used in the jewelery. So my dear Swati, let me be your lucky 13 cause I think you have truly arrived in the custom jewelery scene :). I think I saw the small custom black onyx piece in one of your blogposts and immediately liked what I saw. I am a very big fan of the non-pretentious and simple type of jewelery. Send the Jasper one first and then when you are done with the onyx one, put it up on the website so that I can buy it through the usual channels :).

Thank you Ramanan!!

The Pearl Ring

This is a 10mm A grade pearl with anti-tarnish silver wire. Lovely, isn't it? Learnt how to make this one just yeaterday.
Editing to add....that was FAST! I made it last night. This afternoon I put it up on sale, and I had put up only one picture of the ring on the Etsy store. At 4:45 I went and took more pictures, and as I went to look for my listing to add pictures, it was gone! LOL!! Fast work! I didn't expect it to last too long is VERY pretty, the cost was low (just $39), and the size is adjustable between 6 and 8. Oh well, I'll make more of the kind now :-), happily!