Monday, October 10, 2011

A Mary Magdalene Ring

I don't know if Mary Magdalene really existed. And if she did, I don't know how she really was, or how her life was...etc. But I do know I am very intrigued by her! Very! I like the stories about her....things I read, things I hear about her. She is fascinating, an enigma. I was told by a very intuitive friend that Garnets and pearls together signify Mary Magdalene. And recently a lovely woman, who is very intuitive herself, and very close to Mary Magdalene spiritually, asked me to make a Garnet ring for her. I asked her if I could add a tiny pearl, and ask MM to weave her energy and blessings too into the wire weavings. She said yes. And this is the result below. Made of sterling silver, fine silver, garnet, a tiny pearl, and a tiny sterling silver bead.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My first paisley earrings

I followed Joslin's tutorial in creating these paisleys. I have always loved the ones she makes. These earrings are made with sterling silver, fine silver, Rubies, Citrine, and Lemon Quartz. I made these for one of my dearest friends -- Anna Taylor. She is a beautiful person, and an awesome singer. Here is her webpage. You just have to listen to her songs...beautiful voice, beautiful words, and music that touches your heart. My favorite song by her is "Like Me". Do visit her webpage:

I had made this pair for her, when she was going for a show here in California. She lives in UK. But she was visiting CA then for her shows. It was one of the fun-nest evenings ever!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two handmade jewelry gifts I cherish with all my heart!

I cherish all gifts given to me, but here I will talk of two handmade jewelry pieces I got from two friends who are very special to me. They are both amazingly creative jewelry artists. Both make totally unique pieces...that are their very own style. And they both are huge inspirations to me.

Last 2010, Shay made, what in my opinion was her VERY best piece until then. I really loved it, but knew I could not afford it. And guess what Shay did? She sent it to me as my birthday gift. I was speechless. Her work is so different from most, and yet her style is very her. I can recognize her work anywhere! I will not speak more about what she made...let her piece speak for herself. It a lovely silver and Amethyst pendant. She hasn't made jewelry for the longest time due to pain in her hands. But now her hands are getting better, and we will soon see beautiful pieces being created by her once again. And here are her links:

This year I was blessed again with another beautiful gift! This was from Mary. I often just go to her blog when I am feeling sad, low, uninspired, or plain and simple just to drool over eye-candy. She is very dedicated to the wire arts, and is always challenging herself to make something different, better. I love everything she makes, especially the vessels! Various shapes, sizes of vessels made entirely of wire weaving. You have just got to see her work! And I often wondered what should I buy from her, because I always wanted to own one of her pieces. I had never said this to her, but one day she just emailed me and asked me if she could send me a piece she made!! I was once again left speechless! Here is the piece she sent I had looked at for many consecutive days, marvelling at the simplicity, elegance, beauty and craftsmanship...a leaf brooch. And here are her links:

If you aren't already familiar with the work of these two jewelry artists, I will suggest you head off to their blogs as soon as you get the chance! :-)))

Friday, June 24, 2011

My second Artfire collection: For the Sun God -- Yellows and Oranges

This is for the Sun God :-))). I love you very much Mr. Sun. You are awesome! :-))) Please click on the "View this collection" button so you can see all the gorgeous pieces made by various Artfire jewelry artists.