Saturday, June 13, 2009

A ring for a girl named Anna...

This sterling silver spinner ring is for a very special person called Anna Taylor. She placed an order for a sterling silver spinner ring with these words to be stamped on it:

"I love, I dream, I believe, I sing, I share". These words speak a lot about who she is, and how she is.

I know her through a spiritual forum I go to. And I see her generously devoting her time and energy to as many people there as possible, replying to their requests for prayers, wishing them happy birthday, taking part in everyone's joys and sorrows. You can see how she genuinely LOVES everyone. Loving comes easy to some people, and Anna is one of those special people.

She has a dream, which is to reach many many people through the songs she writes and sings. The words of her song are such that they touch the hearts of anyone who reads them or hears them. She also has cerebral palsy because of which she needs crutches or the wheel chair. Yet, when you talk to her online, you will not always be aware of what she faces on a daily basis. She is always listening to people, responding to them, praying with them, laughing with them, holding them when they cry. She is just 29 years old. This beautiful young woman (beautiful to look at, and beautiful within) wants to be a successful singer, and reach many many lives, and let people know that even if they are "different", they can succeed. This is Anna's dream.

And she has faith. She totally believes that she will succeed, and will be able to help many hearts heal.

She sings like an angel. She sings from the depths of her heart. Anna's had a life - long love of music and singing and has shared her voice internationally, with performances in London, Dublin, California and Hawaii. She is currently raising funds to record her debut album with her co - writer and producer, Robert Berry, at his Soundtek Studios in San Jose, California.

On June 4th 2009, her local newspaper featured an article about her and her story. To view the online version and video of Anna, (which includes details of the 'Wall Of Love' where for $US 111 people can sponsor one of 111 hearts and have their initials added to this special page on her website and CD booklet), click here:

To know more about her songs, and her upcoming CD's please visit:

She generously shares of herself, her time, and her wisdom with everyone. Anna is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. She is also a Theta Healing™ Practitioner. She offers sessions in person in West Sussex, England as well as via telephone and email, and holds monthly Sound Healing Telecalls where she connects with the Angels to offer healing through her voice.

To know more about her, go to her website:

When she asked me to make this ring for her, we thought for a while what words would be most appropriate for her, and when she came up with, "I love, I dream, I believe, I sing, I share", I was thrilled! Because I know Anna, and I know that these words speak a lot about her.

I added a 14K gold-filled spinner ring on top, because gold helps in manifesting dreams. And the spinner ring concept itself comes from the Tibetan prayer wheels where they spin wheels and pray. This action is supposed to help in manifestation too.

I pray that all your dreams are always fulfilled dear Anna! (((hugs)))

This ring is for $70. Plus shipping and handling. If you want such a ring made for you, please contact me.

Blue Topaz Ring

I had made a similar ring long back which got sold. A lovely lady saw its picture on my Facebook album, and placed an order for it. So here it is, a beautiful emerald cut Blue Topaz, wire wrapped in sterling silver, made into this open, free size ring.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stamped Silver Stacking Rings

I am now making sterling silver stacking rings. These rings are 2mm wide, and 1mm thick. I stamp messages on these rings. The rings pictured here is a set of 4 rings I made for myself. They have the 4 agreements from the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz stamped on them. Each ring carries one agreement. I love this book, and it helps me keep my sanity when things get tough. The book has 4 very simple "agreements" that it says we should make with ourselves:

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone who ever has had a tough time with another person. When you read this book, it dissolves all hurt and pain into understanding, stillness and peace. It really works like magic!

I cannot go into details on each agreement here on the post, but I wanted a constant reminder of these agreements at my finger tips so they could always help me. So I made these stacking rings for me to always be reminded of these 4 very important principles.

If you want certain messages that you would like to remind yourself of, or if you want to have stacking rings with names of your children, grand children, your family, or any other affirmations or messages, please let me know your ring size, and the words you would like on these rings. Each ring is for $18. You could start with one ring, and add a collection as time goes by, or you could have a bunch of these rings made together for you.