Monday, October 10, 2011

A Mary Magdalene Ring

I don't know if Mary Magdalene really existed. And if she did, I don't know how she really was, or how her life was...etc. But I do know I am very intrigued by her! Very! I like the stories about her....things I read, things I hear about her. She is fascinating, an enigma. I was told by a very intuitive friend that Garnets and pearls together signify Mary Magdalene. And recently a lovely woman, who is very intuitive herself, and very close to Mary Magdalene spiritually, asked me to make a Garnet ring for her. I asked her if I could add a tiny pearl, and ask MM to weave her energy and blessings too into the wire weavings. She said yes. And this is the result below. Made of sterling silver, fine silver, garnet, a tiny pearl, and a tiny sterling silver bead.