Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Pearl Ring

This is a 10mm A grade pearl with anti-tarnish silver wire. Lovely, isn't it? Learnt how to make this one just yeaterday.
Editing to add....that was FAST! I made it last night. This afternoon I put it up on sale, and I had put up only one picture of the ring on the Etsy store. At 4:45 I went and took more pictures, and as I went to look for my listing to add pictures, it was gone! LOL!! Fast work! I didn't expect it to last too long is VERY pretty, the cost was low (just $39), and the size is adjustable between 6 and 8. Oh well, I'll make more of the kind now :-), happily!


Penny said...

Swati, I love your pearl ring, really lovely, not surprised it went like a hot cake!!! You are really talented!!!

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