Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yayyy!! I can make solitaires now!!

Learnt it at Wenric's from Wendy. She's a wonderful lady...arranged for a special one on one class for me. She was happy with my skill level and said when I have more time (as in when baby is older), she'd like me to come and teach classes at her store because she is too busy to teach now. That should be awesome! We ended up making 2 rings because I made the one scheduled ring for the class very very fast. I think in 30 minutes. The class was for 3 hours. LOL! So I made one more ring and then I called Swami to come pick me up.

Then later that evening at the doc's the nurse was terribly impressed with my solitaires and wanted my business card so she could get something made by me....and of course, I didn't have a card! LOL!


The Bathroom Philosopher said...

Bananas are too expensive over here. By the way, I had to overcome a great deal of snootiness to write this comment. :)
-- The Snoot

The Bathroom Philosopher said...

Wow - you're really getting good at this. No surprise since your artistic talent was always so apparent. I'm very proud of you.


Ruchi said...

nice solitaire rings :) where were you when i was getting engaged?? i guess a girl can never have enough rings ;)
which docs and nurses?? and why dont you have a business card? and where is the catalog for me? and i have presents for you which i forgot to send with Sidh the other day :(

Shay Stone said...

These rings are so awesome! You are such a talented wire artist:)

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