Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jade set

This is a Jade heart pendant, Yellow Turquoise beads and gold-filled wire necklace. I learnt this style of wrapping a heart from Judy of This is the second one I made in this style. I like it, but it hasn't yet turned out as lovely as hers does. But I am happy with it.The first one was the coral heart I did below.

I am also happy with how the chain links turned out. And I love the way they sound -- ching ching ching! LOL! Feels great to wear this set. I feel gooooood and quite divinely royal when I wear it!

And here are the matching earrings....again...feels great to wear them. The beads are Yellow Turquoise.


Ruchi said...

the chain is beautiful esp the loops, i think you should try some some setting in silver wire, i think silver goes very well with some type of stones. Or may be i just like silver a lot :)

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