Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wire rings

I have been learning how to make wire rings from Preston Reuthor's DVD's, and waiting for Ricky Jorgensen's DVD's too to learn ring making. I like the rings both these artists make.

So these are my first practice rings. They are made with Brass wire, and genuine stones (I need to get some fake stones for practice). I intended to cut these and remake them in gold. But I feel kind of emotionally attached to these because even though they are far from perfect, they are still my first rings...and the FIRST ever prong set ring I made! So I am thinking of keeping them as is...genuine stones or not. I will polish them to make them shine like gold and wear them! In fact I am wearing them all...unpolished as I write here. LOL!!!!!

This stone is a Twilight Topaz. It is goldenish, pinkish...a very different color:
This is a "Filigree Ring". It looks very nice when worn:

And this is my first ever prong set ring. The added twisted wire on top of the stone is not really needed to keep the stone intact. The prongs are doing a really good job with that. But I like twisted wire on the stone...I always have ever since I have seen them on prong set rings made by a very talented wire artist I saw at an Intergem show. So I put them there. The stone is a Green Topaz...yes I'm a Citrine and Topaz gal :-). Love these stones. The ring is a mistakes galore. But I still love it cuz its my first prong set ring...something I have been dying to do for a long time. Preston has done a great job with his ring tutorials. I think for a first-prong-set ring, its wonderful :-))))


Ruchi said...

twilight topaz ring is amaaaaaaazin!! i love it!

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