Monday, September 10, 2007

New Wire Sculpted Pendants

These are some wire sculpted pendants I've made over the last few days...techniques learnt from Metallique and Preston Reuthor courses. All stones except one are genuine, and they are all set in 14K gold-filled wire.

This blue stone is Amazonite:

This is a Unakite:

I am not sure what stone this is...I think it is Jade. Any ideas?

This is Fluorite:

This is an Agate cameo...mum and baby:

This is actually an Amethyst colored man made stone (the only man-made stone in this section; the rest of the stones are genuine). But when I took a picture, the picture looks blue:

This is a Peridot:

This is a Pink Topaz:

There are 2 Citrines and a string of fresh water pearls:

Two Pink Topaz here, but the bigger one is not the finest quality...the edges are not pink. Maybe the heat treatment wasn't done well?


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