Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2 new pendants and a ring: Blue Topaz, White Topaz & Mystic Topaz

This Mystic Topaz ring is a commissioned piece made for a new mum-to-be who said something really sweet...that Mystic Topaz reminds her of her yet-to-be-born baby:

Made these two wire sculpted pendants (gold-filled wire). These are big pieces, and very royal to look at :-).
This pendant is made of a huge 18mm x 13mm White Topaz with an 8 mm Amethyst and fresh water pearls:

This one below is an 11 carat Blue Topaz with an 8mm Blue Topaz, and fresh water pearls:


botonica said...

how does swati twist mundane wires of gold,
into earrings, broaches, and pendants that hold...
earth's treasures that come in brilliant hues..
of greens,lavender,pinks and blues?
she brings healing and joy with her artfully crafted stones,
i can already predict eager buyers in drones,
before the beautiful peices went out of sight,
i claimed my azure pendant of amazonite!!

Ruchi said...

wow!! i can't write like botonica :) she/he definitely is a poet! but i really like the blue topaz one :)

loosy said...

I am very much enjoying your work.
They are really nice.
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