Monday, February 18, 2008

Week #7 YOJ: AMORE

The topic was "Amore". Blue Sapphire stands for the one who is my Amore ;-). So I chose a large opaque blue Sapphire heart shaped stone - 103 ct. I made this in his honor....for myself. The stone did not have the notch on top for that classic heart shape, so I made it with wires. The stone is deep, so I have created a "bezel" for it by making a double wire frame and weaving the stone in between. In this picture you only see the face of the stone, so you see the upper frame of the "bezel" bordering the stone. I have hung an Aquamarine briolette at the bottom of the pendant. The chain I have hung it on is not its chain, I will be making its chain later.


Dana said...

This pendant is gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!
Just like you Swati! *grin*

Ruchi said...

I LOVE the bracelet, its awesome, the pendent would have taken you forever to make, kya baraki ka kaam kiya hai wire lapetane main, amazing!! :D

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