Tuesday, March 11, 2008

YOJ Week 11: Cross (not on theme)

The theme for YOJ this week is Barbados Culture, but I'm not on theme. I really wanted to try Iza's tutorial for making a cross. It has a heart shaped pearl in the center, and I tried to make a halo with Labradorite beads...but instead of looking like a halo, this element is making the cross look like a key! And I royally messed up the weaving, especially on the left arm...what can I say Iza? I have crucified your cross...lol!

But...I think it doesn't look bad for a first attempt at it. I will love wearing it. The clasp is hand-made too. I have attached 2 Labradorite beads to the chain as well. The piece is made with sterling silver all the way.

Next time it will be better :-).


Ruchi said...

i don't see the flaws you are talking about!! this is a beautiful piece, can't wait to see you wearing it :)

ellceeleah said...

I agree with Ruchi! WHAT flaws??? it's lovely!!! And I think it still looks like a cross... what detail! And I love the heart!

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