Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tube setting

I have set a CZ in a sterling silver tube on a sterling silver circle which I have domed. What you are seeing is the convex side. The historical importance of this piece is, that I was setting this stone right at the time when Obama was declared winner of the presidential elections in November of 2008. Many see him as a light within a very dark period. The darkness being the situation of economic recession, increased crime rate as a result of economic hardships that people are facing, wars around in this world, terrorism etc. And many look upon him as one who will bring about change - for the better. And in this way, this pendant signifies this situation, where the silver disk is darkened with silver black, and the cubic zirconia shines brilliantly in the middle of it all. I wish I had a diamond to set, but since I don't, CZ will have to do :-).


sapna said...

Will look great even as a tika worn on the forehead, very Rajesthani.

Shay Stone said...

I was in love with this piece before I read it's story. Now it's even better. I sure do love you work Swati:)

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