Monday, May 4, 2009

New blog name and url, new Etsy shop etc

Yes, I am FLEUR VIOLETTE JEWELRY now :-). I will be changing the url of this blog too very soon. So if you have been following my blog, the url of my blog is soon going to be:

I have a new Etsy shop as well:

Fleur Violette Jewelry at

Why did I change everything? A very very long story. I am sure you do not want to know ;-). Anyway, the important thing is jewelry. What's in the name after all? :-P


Shuku said...

Yep, what's in a name after all? The important thing is the beautiful things you make, and they -are- beautiful. :) Very much looking forward to seeing more of your work, Swati - yay!


Swati said...

Thank you Shuku!! You're a sweetheart!!

Celebrating Gaia said...

I like the new name!

Shay Stone said...

I love the new name Swati. It's a perfect way to keep your purple flower:) I DO want to know the story so I expect a lonngggg email!!

Swati said...

Thank you Dana!

And thank you Shay! I'll surely write the story in an email...but I'm waiting for you to be free and to get back to email and chatty mode. Can you give your mum a hug from me? Because I miss my own mum :-).

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