Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Turning over a new leaf in 2012

I haven't been making jewelry for the longest time. And when I would try to, I would end up leaving projects incomplete. I have a whole graveyard full of stuff that need to be completed. So I decided to turn over a new leaf this year...and decided to get back to making jewelry again, and completing all my past projects. So I joined YOJ to motivate me. I had made this leaf with PMC, and then did nothing with it. It was made from a leaf from a tree just outside my home. So I fished out the leaf, and added a Ruby brio, and several Peridots to it. Added a chain, and made a clasp for my first piece for YOJ 2012.

Click on the picture to see it enlarged and clearer.


Chris said...

Yay! Love this and looking forward to new pieces from you~

BrassyBeads said...

Excellent to hear you are back working again. Great leaf too~~

Shay Stone said...

Good for you Swati! I can't tell you how excited I am that you're getting back to your jewelry. VERY!

I wonder if we all have piles of unfinished pieces?

Yipeee! Oh and of course - beautiful necklace :-)

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