Tuesday, March 13, 2012

YOJ 2012 - Week 8 Mrs. Nigam Earrings! :-D

Its been several weeks since I made a complete jewelry piece. I have been working on one rather slowly. There is just so much to do, so much running around with two kids, then a long round of sickness for the entire family...I couldn't do much.

And then came a sweet message from my friend Mary of The Angsty Artist, who inspires me so much with her own work. She said that she knows I am trying to do YOJ this year, and that she noticed I hadn't made anything from the past several weeks. And she said that even if I am very busy, sometimes its just OK to make a really simple pair of earrings and call it a day. She added, that I could call it Mrs. Nigam Earrings or the Dumb Earrings of Mercy. LOLOLOL!!! I liked the name "Dumb Earrings of Mercy", but because I made these yesterday for me (it went well with what I was wearing), I named them "Mrs. Nigam Earrings". Then I wore to my son's Tae Kwon Do class, and guess what? These earrings were noticed and called "sweet". Sometimes the simplest of things catch people's eye. I wanted to make these because my cousin Ruchi had made a pair like this with Amethyst for her SIL. And I had loved them.

These are made with Sterling silver, fine silver, and Swarovski pearls.

So thank you Mary for inspiring me again, and getting me back on track. I mean..I still haven't caught up, but I will with simpler pieces, and with an order I need to complete.


BrassyBeads said...

Oh finally!! Yay!! Those are really quite dear and sweet and I can see people wanting to buy them:) You never know what can happen!!

Chris said...

Yay Swati! Yes, sometimes it's so very OK to make simple things. And they are loved!

Anonymous said...

How inspiring! I find myself to be totally out of order, making things and not being able to get them photographed or posted, so this sweet message is timely and precious.

Swati, your earrings are very sweet! That you made the effort and have shared it is especially appreciated.


Shuku said...

So lovely, Swati! I think they are perfect Mrs. Nigam earrings!

Swati said...

Thank you everyone! :-))) I think also I am feeling kind of stumped with wire work. Don't know what or how to make. So these days I am working with silversmithing...rings, rings and rings. Will be posting them one by one.

Shay Stone said...

Way to go Mary and you! I have a hard time making simple things as well. These are so elegant and lovely :-)

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