Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Made jewelry after a long time.

Wirework contacted me for a tutorial on a pair of earrings I had made. I was really happy about that. But I had just returned from India, after visiting family - my mother crossed over. I was late for the deadline, and was not in the highest spirits. But I must say Wirework magazine people were very very sweet and patient with me, and gave me 2 extra weeks, and the encouragement to do this work. So I am happy to say, the piece is made, the tutorial is written...and it will be published in the Fall issue. This will be my second tutorial in a magazine - the first one was a woven bangle. I will be adding the pictures later.

My update comes after almost after a year, so I don't even know if anyone is still watching this blog :-). But here I am. :-)))

I have been wanting to work on making a sword and shield pendant - or two different pendants. This is an inspiration I get from the sword and shield of the Archangel Michael. Either I will do it purely through wire, or silversmithing, or a mixture of both.

Another piece in the works is a request from someone. It is a necklace based on the Hindu God - Lord Krishna. She loves him a do I :-). So I need to come up with a design that symbolizes him.

See you soon!