Sunday, January 27, 2008

YOJ 2008 week #4: Blustery

This piece is based on a blustery night that is well known by most people. The night Jesus calmed the raging storms and the sea and the gusty winds to stop the boat and the apostles from drowning. The silver wire fish symbolizes Jesus, there is a boat within, and winds and the sea storm are depicted by the swirly silver wire and Aquamarine beads, Peridot beads, and tiny fresh water pearls. A 10mm pearl depicts the moon. The chain & clasp are hand made too with silver wire and Amazonite beads.


botonica said...

The piece is so wonderfully made Sawti...Anyone who loves Jesus can read through the layers of detail.
Keep up the good work, its graet to see you follow your passion amidst Ujji's diaper changing and Natasha's long division!
Love and hugs!

Dana said...

I wish I were this talented! Another amazing piece of jewelry!

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