Saturday, March 31, 2012

YOJ 2012 Week 12: Picasso Jasper heart pendant, fine silver

This is a Picasso Jasper heart that I have wire wrapped with fine silver and sterling silver. I have added a small Ruby bead to it. The stone got a bit scratched while wrapping....and I read later that this stone is very delicate and soft, and can get damaged easily. Next time I'll be more careful. It took me a long time to make this, because the stone and the wires were not in any mood to cooperate with each other. However, I do think it turned out nice. After taking pictures I can see that I need to file the wire ends on the curls more...and I'll do that before listing it on my Artfire store.


Jen said...

I love Jasper... the colors here are beautiful! Nicely done Swati!

Shay Stone said...

This is Sooo beautiful. I love it :-)

Swati said...

Thanks Jen and Shay! :-))

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