Friday, August 10, 2007


So I got inspired by my friend Melissa to start an Etsy store for my jewelry. And I did. The url is: Of course, there is nothing there right now. I have to take pictures of the pieces I made...price them and then add them. Melissa said she'll make a logo for me. She does a lovely job with graphics.

Meanwhile, unpacking is going on. We moved into this house....moved to California a few days back...on the 31st of July 2007.

Thats all for now, cuz Ujjwal is creating a racket.


"Lady Namu" said...

I wannna seeee ur jewellry...and this time please actually sell them, as opposed to last time when you forgot about ur business

Swati Nigam said...

LOL!! Yes this time I do plan on selling. Did you see my Etsy store? It has nothing of course...but I have signed up for the store :-D. And now I have posted many of my jewelry.

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