Monday, August 20, 2007

On weight loss and jewelry making...

Losing weight and gaining it seems to be the purpose of my life...and the other purpose is eating. And while eating is AWESOME....I saw that I got so fat finally that everything was hurting and I was not even able to climb stairs well. I became 77 lbs overweight. My weight as per WW should be 99 lbs. And yeah...I reached an all time high of 176 lbs. So I congratulated myself on this record breaking achievement, bowed and took in all the applause the world had to offer...then decided to set another record....change my life purppose a little bit. After all I had already set the world record in eating and weight gain.

Joined online WW (no...not short for WWF...I mean Weight Watchers) last week. In my first week I lost 5 lbs, and was 171lbs. Now this second week is going good too. Today I seem to be 168lbs Will not rejoice too much till I find my final for the week on Friday.

Trying to change my focus from living to eat to eating to live ;-).

Now that you all have been blessed with all information about my weight and its changes, I'd like to write about about another interest of mine: Jewelry making. I used to bead bracelets for a long time...sold quite a few too. Then I got bored of just stringing beads. Wanted to do more, so I picked up wire working and metalsmithing. I joined a crafts center at Worcester and took 2 metalsmithing classes: Jewelry I and Jewelry II. And I LOVED it!!! There is something about changing a sheet or a piece of wire to a piece of jewelry. I have pictures here to show my progress. The first pictures are my ealiest attempts...and goes on to the latest ones I did. I don't have pictures of some of the pieces I made because I gave them away, and some I haven't photgraphed till now. Hopefully one day I'll have a smashing jewelry business!!!

Hmmm...can't figure out how to post pictures...let me figure it out.


Ruchi said...

I am so glad you started this blog, now i know exactly what's going on in your life, apart from the daily chat we have on the phone :)
I am happy to see you joined Weight Watchers, as usual i am always around to encourage you to loose weight :) you can do the same to me after my baby is born :) Your jewelry is amazing, we can see how much love and emotion you put in every piece of jewelry you make. I also hope you have a smashing jewelry business one day!

Swati Nigam said...

Oh I hope I can reach my goal weight of 99 lbs, and I hope I do have a fabulous jewelry business :-).

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