Monday, August 20, 2007

Then came wire

These are my first attempts at wire jewelry. Everything is far less than perfect, but I'm very pleased I made them all myself. Connie Fox has been a huge inspiration.

My first "all home-made components" earrings. My first wrapped beads, and first earwires. The wire is Brass and the beads are Tigers Eye.

My first bead and wire bracelet. Learnt how to make bead links with my practice Brass wire. The beads are Amethyst and Rose Quartz. It also has my first ever swan and hook clasp. My "S" links are pathetic. The swan is not made correctly...but I'm proud of it nevertheless :-).

This is the first all wire bracelet I made. Made with Copper wire. I am proud of each coil link I made ;-). They have been hammered. Divya took this one from me.

The first "S" clasp I ever made. This is made with Copper wire. I have coiled Brass wire around it.


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