Sunday, January 27, 2008

YOJ 2008 week #4: Blustery

This piece is based on a blustery night that is well known by most people. The night Jesus calmed the raging storms and the sea and the gusty winds to stop the boat and the apostles from drowning. The silver wire fish symbolizes Jesus, there is a boat within, and winds and the sea storm are depicted by the swirly silver wire and Aquamarine beads, Peridot beads, and tiny fresh water pearls. A 10mm pearl depicts the moon. The chain & clasp are hand made too with silver wire and Amazonite beads.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This is what someone asked me to make for her. I thought it was a cool idea. She supplied the phrase, "JOY AND EASE AND". So when I stamp it on a ring, it becomes a never ending phrase that goes, "JOY AND EASE AND JOY AND EASE AND JOY....".

YOJ2008 Week #3: Australian Culture

This week's piece is a pair of earrings based on the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoos. I took a long bone pipe bead and sawed it into two, so that one end of each piece would be sort of flared. Then I painted aboriginal symbols on each piece with acrylic paints. I made the earwires and the headpins with sterling silver wires. After taking the pictures I realized that I have not painted the bottoms of the beads (Didgeridoos). LOL! Will do so tomorrow. It is 1:17am at night now. I just got done with this piece and another order.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

YOJ2008 Week #2: Zodiac Sign Capricorn

The theme of YOJ week #2 is the Sun Sign Capricorn. Garnet is one of the birthstones for the sun sign Capricorn. So I chose a Garnet CZ to make this solitaire with sterling silver wire. I love it that I can make solitaires now!

YOJ2008 Week #1: I Can Do This!

The theme for week #1 for YOJ2008 was "I Can Do This!". When I saw this affirmation, I thought of my friend Leah who is a singer, and has made some CD's, but is still waiting to have her career go full swing. She writes personalized songs for people....just an amazing concept for gift giving. I wanted her to remember that she can be very successful at I thought of making a ring for her that said, "I CAN DO THIS!". Her website is: Specially Your Music.

And then I made one for me tell myself that I can learn and get better at jewelry making, and I can be successful at my business...and I Can Do Many Things! A great affirmation to start the new year with!

So here are the rings. My stamping needs improvement...its not even. I even have firescale showing on my ring. But thats ok, its only the beginning of metalsmithing. I am more of a wire-worker. And I will learn to do better with metalsmithing, because I Can Do This! :-).