Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stamped personalized rings

To order your ring, please click the buy now button, and let me know your ring size and the word(s) you want stamped in the "notes to seller section".
Price: $40 + $4 s&h

I got my new lowercase Kismet font stamps from Beaducation! The "i am" ring is an order. And I made the "i breathe" ring for me because I have started doing yogic breathing exercises (pranayams), and this ring is to remind me to do my exercise. The breathing exercises have helped a lot with my migraines :-).

These rings are 18 gauge in thickness and 4mm wide. These rings make great personalized gifts with names, or other meaningful words stamped on them. They also make great gifts to yourself to use positive words as affirmations, or any other words that hold special meaning to you.


Melissa said...

Swati - love the rings!

I get migraines as well, maybe I need a reminder to breathe!


Dana Raphael Peshka said...

Oooo....I love them! I think I'll have to get another message ring as well!

Ruchi said...

message rings are awesome idea :) i need a reminder to breathe as well :) BTW you will be proud to know that i started pranayam as well, i have done it for two days now :P

Ruchi said...

message rings are a great idea :) lovely rings :)
BTW you will be proud to know that I have started pranayam as well and have done it for two consequitive days :P

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love the rings!Don't you love the new stamps?! They are so easy to use!

Swati Nigam said...

Melissa, yes, you should give breathing exercises a try...they have helped me a lot with migraines, and I have got rid of allergies!

Dana :-))). You are the one who buys most from me. ((((hugs))))

Ruchi, yes I am very proud to know that you are finally doing this. I hope you continue it regularly.

Tammy, yes, I do love the new stamps!! They are just soooo awesome!

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