Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bio Lemon drops necklace, earrings

These Bio-Lemon briolettes are simply GORGEOUS! I am unable to photograph them well. But they are really really LOVELY! The colors of those drops is a beautiful golden brown...kind of hard to describe. They are beautifully translucent, with awesome deeper brown line patterns inside. But in the photograph they're looking like dark brown opaque blobs! LOL! I will have to try and photograph them better. The wire is fine silver and sterling silver. The set is embellished with a sprinkle of fresh water pearls. The knot on the top of the pendant is called a "Danish Knot". Love this knot! :-) To see more detail, click on the pictures to see them enlarged.


Shay Stone said...

What another beauty you've created Swati. I love to see what you make!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Gorgeous, as always!

Anonymous said...

Let's try this again! Another AMAZING and GORGEOUS set from Swati!

Shay Stone said...

And now I'm back to tell you that I've given you a Lemonade Award! It's because I think you are a sweet, caring and giving person:) You can read about it in my blog post:

Stephanie said...

your so talented! :) I'll get to the ring SOMEDAY. You'll be the first to know :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Hi Swati! Thanks for the compliments on my phoyos!
I bought a Canon Powershot SX110 IS and it is wonderful. I don't even have to edit my pics anymore.

KT Vestitures said...

Oh my gosh, Swati... this is gorgeous! WOW! Breath takingly BEAUTIFUL!

And thankyou for your lovely comment on my copper piece, i am happy that you managed to see it :D

Take Care,

From Tracey

KT Vestitures said...

Ohhh swati,

This is Gorgeous! (I did make a post to this piece a moment ago, but not sure what happened? So am typing another comment LOL)

You work is always inspiring!

Thank you also for the lovely comment on my copper piece. I am happy that you were finally able to see it :D

Take Care

From Tracey

Shuku said...

Dear Swati,

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, and for the encouraging words! It's been a bit of a rough patch, trying to get the creative streak going again but I'm currently working on a bracelet commission and a test piece so hopefully I will have pictures up soon to show.

Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more of it.


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