Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandmother's pendant - Mabe Pearl, birthstones, 14K gold filled

I was asked to create a grandmother's pendant by a lovely lady called Caitlin. She wanted this for her mum. So I created this, on a Mabe Pearl...the Mabe Pearl stands for motherhood, the love of a mother, in this case, the love of a grandmother. Yesterday I read somewhere in the mall that, "A Grandmother is a wonderful mother with a lot of practice". I liked that :-))). The CZ's I have used are the birthstones of the beautiful grandchildren. The metal used is 14k gold filled wire. Caitlin was not sure if her mum would wear a pendant or not, so I hid the bail behind a design at the top. This way she can choose whether she wants to wear it as a pendant, or as a brooch, with the help of a safety pin.

When Caitlin saw the picture of this pendant, she wrote something lovely to me. With her permission I am copying and pasting what she wrote to me. Its words like these that touch my heart, and make me feel that its all worth it. When I question myself, "Why am I doing this?", and I question myself sometimes, then its words like these that make sense. This is what beautiful Caitlin wrote to me:

Oh it's wonderful Swati!! Just GORGEOUS, she is going to be over the moon!! It's very - her! Hard to say why exactly, you just have tuned into her in the most delightful way :)


Thank you so much for all the love you have put into this for my lovely mam. I really appreciate your talent and attention.

Love love Caito


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Such beautiful work with such a wonderful meaning behind it. You have a great gift Swati. I truly admire your work.

BrassyBeads said...

This is really unique and beautiful. Reminds me of something from Tiffany's

Swati said...

Thank you Kathleen and Mary! :-)))) What lovely compliments...made me grin! :-)))))

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