Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emerald necklace and earrings - a love story

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The infinity shaped pendant is made of teardrop Emerald briolettes, sterling silver and 14Kgold-filled wire. The chain is made of sterling silver, and I have attached tiny fresh water pearls to the chain, and small Emerald beads.

This story is about a beautiful lady who I shall call Ms. H. She remembers a love very special from times long back...long long back. Sometimes, people remember their lives lived at another time, and another place. This is one such story. This story also is about twinflame love. They say that we as souls have soul families called soul groups. And even in that group, there is one soul very special to each soul...they form pairs, and are called primary soulmates according to Dr. Newton, or as many people say these days -- "twinflames". It is said that twinflames rarely ever incarnate together as a romantic pair. Usually, one partner stays in the spiritual realms guiding his or her twinflame.

Ms. H told me that in that other life when she and her twinflame were together as a romantic couple, he had given her an Emerald necklace. We shall call him Mr. P. She still remembers that, and therefore Emeralds are very special to her. I asked her to tell me why the infinity symbol...she said it signifies eternal love, and the two Emeralds on either side signify P and H in different realms...different dimensions. I asked Mr. P's Higher Self to guide me as I designed it....and as I picked up various shapes of my Emeralds, he insisted I used the tear drop shaped ones. So I created...and then I weaved together threads of gold, praying that the Higher Selves and love of these two beautiful souls be entwined together as I weave each millimeter of my wire.

Ms. H wrote to me the following:

My Twin Flame, my Soul Love held me cradled in his arms, holding me from behind... He showed me the infinity symbol and told me that the symbol represented us, out togetherness, our love. He chose to follow me in spirit, from where, he told me that he could be of much more help to me. It would have been wonderful to have him here, but I also knew that human physical love has a way of getting damaged, so I was happy in one way that we were together in this untouchable way; a way that could never fade, jade or lessen. He told me too that our gem was the Emerald, to match my eyes and set off my fiery hair...which delighted me to no end, because the Emerald is the stone of perfect love; perfect in every way.  He has followed me now for many centuries from the time of a war that separated us. But nothing breaks true love, nothing, no matter what it is. In that life I died making my way back to him, and I would die a thousand times if it meant never being separated again...

Last night as I completed my work, I talked to Ms. H. I had not told her anything about the piece till then. Neither had I told her about the prayer of entwining souls as I weaved my wires. She went on to describe to me the Emeralds Mr. P had given to her in that life...she said he had chosen them himself...they were tear drop shaped! I was so happy to hear that, because that meant, I really did communicate with Mr.P as I asked him to help me create this necklace for Ms. H. He had asked me also to choose the tear drop Emeralds!! Then Ms. H went on to tell me that Mr. P's spirit told her that when I make jewelry, I entwine loving souls together. And I couldn't believe it when she told me that! Because that is exactly what I prayed as I made the jewelry...I asked the Divine Selves of Mr. P and Ms. H to come and be entwined together in love as I weave each millimeter of my golden threads...Mr. P had heard my wishes...and he went and told Ms. H word to word what I had asked for!

I must say...when I work with stories of people, their lives, their loves, their experiences, I am often taken along with them on a really beautiful ride! 


Shay Stone said...

That is Beyond Beautiful Swati! I have known you to be an amazing person and it just keeps getting more and more so. The way you work with people and create such magical creations is nothing less of amazing. You are awesome and that doesn't even begin to touch on how beautiful the jewelry is that you create! Way to go!!!

Princess said...

How very beautiful Swati, I was just outside listening to the most awesome Hindi song, (Tu Jane Na from Ajab pyar ki Ghab Kahani) shedding tears for my love and our lives spent apart. I came in guided to check facebook and I find your post. Emeralds are my favourite and this morning as I meditated I felt and '8' being drawn from the skies to mother eath and me being the center point.
Thank you, for sharing You truly are a beautiful heart!

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Swati,

You cannot begin to understand the gift you have given to me. When I looked at the earrings it was as if I was looking at the same pair made by a great Artisan of that time. Your ability, affinity and love for others is so amazing and so heat filling. You have brought my love and I together in a new way, I see this necklace and these earrings and I am reminded of the jewels given to me on our betrothal all that long ago. You have brought tears of happiness and joy, and laughter to me. I thank you from the very centre of my soul, and from the very centre of P's soul. We are on earth, joined again by your beautiful work bridging of the gap that separated us...that separates us no longer. With all the love and friendship in my heart,


Anonymous said...

Dear Swati, we have had the please os knowing you some time through our mutual ATP board, and have learned to know you as a sweet, loving and caring person.

This story shows us a new side of yourself, and you really are gifted, talented and even greater :-).

Thank you for sharing the story, it is truly beautiful.

Angelic blessings from Trude and Rolf :-)

Swati said...

Thank you so much Shay, Sharanya, Dawn, Trude & Rolf!! Your words mean a lot to me! ((((hugs))))

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

What a wonderful story Swati. You are truly blessed to be able to connect with people in this way, to give them exactly what their heart desires. Beautiful work!

Swati said...

Dear Deborah, thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement! It means a lot to me! :-))))

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Swati! I wanted to give you this website that has lots of info and links to help you get started if you decide to start doing arts/crafts shows. Just know that these shows are extemely unpredictable beasts!

Swati said...

Thank you Deborah! I'll go check out the link, and hopefully do something this year :-))).

BrassyBeads said...

Love the Infinity pendant Swati. Love the weaving and you captured the stones perfectly!

Swati said...

Thanks Mary! So good to see you here!

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