Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am happy.

A friend on my ATP forum asked me how I was doing now after the move. And I replied:

Thanks for asking . So far so good. I often miss my old house a lot. I knew I loved it a lot...but now I can see just how much it means to me. I can't explain it...but I do love it as I would a beloved person...a family. I love it lots...lots...

But apart from that, all goes well. The neighborhood seems great so far. It is LOVELY....mountains all around...I can see mountains from almost every window! Many parks lined up...trees, fragrant flowers all around. Walks in the evening are awesome!! Its cool...nice fragrant breeze (because of the flowers). Beautiful houses, dreamy street lights. We are still unpacking...the house is still in the dumps but we are getting there slowly and steadily. I make time for jewelry making too which keeps me entertained and happy.

Overall...I must say I am happy. I am actually very happy. I don't know why I am happy, but I feel like I am going through a re-birth and feeling better.

Move into my neighborhood...we'll go for walks together .

I was surprised at my own reply...I can honestly say I am happy...and not because my life is perfect...I lead a very normal life like anyone else. My share of problems, joy, excitement, illness, good health, laughter....everything. Nothing really has changed in my life apart from becoming more dependent on Swami for driving (for now), and a really messy house which is an obstacle course with all its But I am happy, feeling light.

What changed is my attitude I think which made all the difference...and I have Abraham to thank for that ( A simple strategy....heard it for ages, but clicked finally when I read his books...especially his kiddy book: Sara book I.

I hope you are happy too! :-)


"Lady Namu" said...

I am happy, but thats because I lead a very abnormal soo glad ur doing well...and so is the family...CA is a huge change but a good was time to move neways..hows the meditation coming along?

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