Saturday, July 18, 2009

Agate and sterling silver pendant

This is for a young woman and a young man whose origins are from countries, and religions that have been clashing with each other forever. But they rose above all that, fell in love, and got married...setting a beautiful example of peace, love and beauty. Below is part of my letter to them, I have removed their names and the names of their countries of origin, religions they belong to, to protect their privacy. And changed it so it doesn't directly address them.

The silver beads at the bottom of the pendant signifies the dormant souls of the world who are moving up to awaken to who they really are. The colors at the bottom of the stone (an Agate) stand for the very different kinds of people in our world. Different because of race, color, nationality, religion...and so many other divisions. The colors green and red are very different from each other...but they combine into beautiful patterns in this stone, they do not clash. They do not even change each other. They simply accept each other for who they are, and harmonize with each other. Just like this young couple.

The colors, as they rise up in the stone lose their differences and become “one” by turning white. Just like people...when they rise above their differences, and move more towards their Divine Selves, realize they are not different really...they are just “one”.

I spent many many days to find the perfect stone that represented the story of these two beautiful people. When I saw this one., I knew, this was the one.

The designs around the stone show an upwards movement, showing the rising of human consciousness when they rise above their seeming differences, and only love one another...just like these two people did.

I weaved the bail of the pendant with silver wire, as a prayer of blessings that their lives be woven with each other's in complete love, harmony, and beauty.

The young man told his cousin (who commissioned this pendant), that one of the special moments of their lives was the time when they both saw a movie called “Arth”. “Arth” means “meaning”. And they have certainly showed by example the “meaning of life, and the meaning of love” through their beautiful love for each other. This is what I have hand stamped behind the pendant, to not only remind them of that special moment, but also to honor them for showing us the meaning of life and love.

It is through people like them that our world will change, and will know peace. For many, it is unthinkable for people originating from country X and country Y, of A and B religions to unite in matrimony. You both have shown that not only is it “thinkable”, it is completely normal, and completely loving to rise above outward differences and acknowledge our inherent divine One-ness. Their union will change many, their love will change much.

This pendant is one of a kind. There will never be another pendant just like this one, because this pendant tells their beautiful story.


Shay Stone said...

I love this piece Swati, and what a phenomenal story that it represents. I also think the woven bail with the fabricated pedant is very unique and fun. Great work! ... as usual:)

Rita said...

Your work is beautiful! Great workmanship, clean, well made too.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Swati, this is an exquisite piece and a lovely story. Wonderful!

"Lady Namu" said...

swati dd, I got a chance to see this beautiful pendant and it absolutely thoughtfully describes their story and the courage and bravery that both of them have displayed getting married to each other...the pendant is so beautiful that it brought tears to the eyes of not just the bride, but others who saw it...really one of a kind pendant for one of a kind thoughtfully done..kudos to you!

Veganosaurus said...

Such a beautiful story behind this wonderful work of art!!

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

What a beautiful story! I love the symbolism you've crafted into this wonderful work of art! Thanks for sharing it.

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