Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blue Sapphire, sterling silver pendant

This sterling silver and Blue Sapphire necklace is for a very sweet grandmother with very special grandchildren. She is celebrating her 60th birthday, and her cousin got this made for her, for her birthday. Her grandchildren...a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl, are twins. Their birthstone is Sapphire.

So I designed this pendant to represent the twins. The sterling silver circle is divided into two by a sterling silver wire in the shape of the yin-yang. And I bezel set two pear shaped opaque Blue Sapphires in each half, facing opposite directions. I added texture to one half of the yin-yang, to show it is different from the other half. The Sapphires are the twins, in the same womb (circle), but still separated to have their own space...connected, yet individual...equal, and opposite (yin-yang space in the circle).

I have stamped the words, "my pride, my joy, my deeya, my aarya" behind the pendant to represent their grandmother's feelings for her grandchildren Deeya and Aarya.

The chain is a sterling silver rolo. I made the clasp with sterling silver wire, and wire-wrapped a tiny pearl on it to represent motherly/grandmotherly love. I hope she will like her gift :-).


Celebrating Gaia said...

Wow! Yet another GORGEOUS piece by Swati! I love the concept! And so beautifully done! *claps*

luv ya my dear friend!

Lola D said...

This is so gorgeous !

Shay Stone said...

She's totally going to LOVE it!! I so much enjoy how you weave people's stories into your work Swati. Beautiful!!

sapna said...

Ah.. so touching. I am all choked up, cannot imagine how the grandma who gets this unique and gorgeous piece will react.
Swati, lots of people make jewellery, but you make memories for them out of your pieces.
Well done! Brava!
your cheerleader who lives under a rock,

Swati said...

Thank you Dana, Lola, Shay and Sapna! You guys make all these efforts worth it with what you have to say to me :-))))))).

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