Saturday, July 25, 2009

My new lapmwork beads!! :-)))

My cousin bought me some lampwork beads from my favorite lampworker: Jennifer of Sky Valley Beads & Designs. These are the first ever glass beads I have acquired....and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! When I got them yesterday, I couldn't stop staring at them. I spent a lot of time just touching them and staring at them. The photos are GREAT, but the beads are even more magical in person! I spend a lot of time at Jennifer's shop, just drooling all over her work. It seems like I have many talented Jennifers in my life. In my last post I talked about Jennifer who taught me PMC classes...and how I love her work! And this post is about yet another extremely talented lady called Jennifer who makes the most amazing lampwork beads. She also gave me a free bead which is absolutely amazingly gorgeous!

Something about the swirls and her colors and designs...they take me to a fantasy land of streams of colors that move gracefully and mix into amazing swirls every now and then. And then Jennifer told me something about where she lives, and what she does with her beads that tickled that part of me that lives in a fantasy world forever. She said her house is in the forest, and she makes lots of beads, and often goes and throws many of her beads in the forest. The people who go to the forest to visit and walk by those places find the beads and feel happy to find this treasure! That must be soooo cooool! I would love to go for a walk in a forest and find a treasure of such LOVELY beads scattered on the ground!! It will drive my hyperactive imagination in all directions!! LOL!! I will surely imagine forest fairies flitting around and waving their magic wands and voila! Beeeyooooootiful beads appear magically with a mist of sparkle, and settle gently down on the ground. The fairies then bless these beads with good wishes for anyone who finds them. And when a human does pick up the beads, the fairies (of course invisible to the humans), dance around on the flowers and giggle...sparkly fairy dust flying all around! Oh yes...I really actually do imagine these things! LOLOLOL!! Even Jennifer's description of where she lives makes me wish I had a house there too. This is what she writes about where she lives, and what she thinks about her creations:"My name is Jennifer Setters and I live in chilly chilly northern remote part of British Columbia, Canada. I work from my studio SkyValley here on my acerage. The name SkyValley comes from when I look out my windows of my studio all I see is sky and the huge valley. It takes my breath away everyday. I absolutely love to create with glass and silver. It is a passion that drives me everyday. I create beads and jewelry because it comes from within me and when I am gone I feel that there will still be a part of me still out there." This is taken from her profile from her Etsy shop (link at the top of this post). Wouldn't it be awesome to live where she lives? :-))) I will surely be buying more lampwork from her. Not only are her beads just breathtakingly lovely, something about her, her energy, her creations, her words...they make everything sound very magical and fairytale like :-))). Go visit her shop and see for yourself! :-)).


Betsy Brown said...

Those beads are mesmerizing! And what a cool idea to scatter some beads in the forest. I will have to check our her work, and perhaps stroll through her forest once I'm back on the mainland. Now I'm more excited than ever about going home!

Veganosaurus said...

Wow these are simply gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the lovelies you create with them :)

Shay Stone said...

Thanks for sharing all of that Swati. Her beads are indeed magical and I haven't even seen one in person1

Dana Raphael Peshka said...

Those beads are GORGEOUS! I will have to check out her website too!

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