Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blue Sapphire Stamped Sterling Silver Ring

This ring is made with sterling silver and opaque dark blue Sapphire. It has been stamped with the names of the twins I wrote about earlier in the Sapphire pendant. Here is the letter I wrote to the grandmother for whom this ring was explains the meaning behind this ring:

Dear XYZ,

Your nephew and neice-in-law asked me to make a ring for you for your 60th birthday. You are very special to them, so they wanted this ring to be something that is meaningful to you...they wanted to make your special birthday memorable, because you mean so much to them. They told me about how you are always there for the family, and how much you have done for everyone.

I thought about what would be most special for you at this time, and immediately thought of dear Deeya and Aarya. Who can be more special than them at this time to you? Beautiful twin grandchildren...they must be the highlight of your heart! So this ring signifies your beloved Deeya and Aarya. Their birthstone is Blue Sapphire, so I set a pear shaped opaque Blue Sapphire on this ring to signify them, and stamped their names inside the ring shank. This way their names will always touch your hand, and your blessings will constantly be touching their lives.

The metal is sterling silver, which develops a patina over time, giving it an antique look. If you like the antique look, you could keep it that way, but if you prefer it to be white for a longer time, then when you are not wearing it, wipe it and put it in its box and put the box in a ziplock bag. This prevents tarnishing for a long time. Keeping it away from chlorinated water will also help in preventing tarnishing.

Ruchi and Siddharth give you this ring with all their love and admiration for you. Wishing you a very Happy 60th Birthday!!



Shay Stone said...

What a beautiful ring Swati! I love what you've done with the gallery wire setting and those balls of silver along the edge. Very cool. And along with the pendant, it is going to be one stunning set :)

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